Jon Santos : Producer / Mixer / Photographer / Cinematographer

Since building his recording studio where Jon not only producing his own work he produced and mixed projects like “ERIC CARR Unfinished Business” (KISS) Featuring great artist from the bands KISS, SEETHER, TWISTED SISTER, ZO2, EUROPE, DANGER DANGER. Jon also won an award from the LA web Fest 2012 for best theme song and cinematography in a comedy for Hollywood Girl. “Fallzone (www.fallzoneband.com) is a project of love for me, a way to keep creative and make music for fans to listen to. At this point of my life, in my early 30’s its about making a living so what better living to stay in what I love, Music, Photography and Video. There is just nothing like being behind a big camera lens or in the studio making music.”

Born and raised in Queens NY. Growing up, Jon began his musical journey as many others have before him, on the piano. By the age of 15 he began singing and playing guitar and found his niche stepping out on stage as a dynamic front man. Being in bands in high school is how photography became and interest. Friends of the band would ask to shoot the band and after a short time Jon got involved in a small photo / graphics department in school and yes, destroyed many rolls of film.

As the years went by, Jon found himself recording tracks in many local studios. At the same time he was cutting tracks as a performer, he was also learning everything he could about production. You see, his love of music didn’t stop at just writing a song and performing it on stage for fans; he has always gone deep in to the recordings and mixing of all his own music! So much so, that when his band SevenWiser signed to Wind Up Records in 2003, Jon was totally hands on in the studio and actually ended up mixing most of their debut album. Released in 2004 Sevenwiser hit #37 on the R&R charts.

Jon’s pinnacle as a performer also came in 2004 as he opened for bands like Avril Lavigne, Saliva, Bowling for Soup, and doing a summer tour with Shinedown. They even played live on the ESPN program Cold Pizza! His music has also appeared on movie sound tracks 1176for The Punisher (2004), Wes Cravens Cursed (2005), and in the video games MVP Base Ball (2004) and Nascar Thunder (2005). Jon also wrote Theme songs for web shows “Hollywood Girl (2010) and Life in the Pits (2010)”

Since 2009, Jon has focused on 1176 Studios, a Recording / Photography / Video production studio based in Whitestone N.Y. offering clients the knowledge and techniques he has learned over the years as a writer, performer, producer, mixing engineer, film and photography.